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Well, first let me say…… I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and for those of us Melbourne dwellers, I hope you managed to stay cool in a hot hot city!

Wedding at Portsea

Romania met South Africa today when two ex-pats of these countries got married. It was very interesting to hear the different accents as the couple said their vows and their guests chatted to each other.

Westernport Wedding

It turned out to be a lovely sunny afternoon, fit for a wedding. Although the wind coming off the Westernport bay was a bit chilly.

Colourful and windy wedding

It was a very small and intimate wedding today with only 3 of the couple’s closest friends there, at Shelly Beach on Phillip Island.

Wedding 1 wedding 2

Two weddings today had a lot of similarities, they both had young lovely brides and grooms, they were both garden weddings, both on the Mornington Peninsula, both had best friends and sisters as bridesmaids, both had a great celebrant and both brides were very excited!