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Amazing Hindu Ceremony

As I stood there on the sidelines in the Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple, I enjoyed watching the seven steps of a Hindu wedding

Sorrento Beach Wedding

The ferry was ready to leave the port to go to Queenscliff…. Bonsai Live were ready to play “Over the Rainbow” then the bride arrived looking stunning and ready to go.


How do you top off a beautiful sunny day after a baby christening?? You have a surprise wedding!!

Must Love Dogs

st love dogs was one of those cheesy movies that I love, being about a couple who meet on the net, and todays wedding reminds me very much of this movie as the bride and groom met on the net with the groom stating on his profile, “must love animals.”

Silverwater Wedding

It’s funny how some people can know each other for years but only really discover each other when their own lives go through turmoil.