Robyn Rodda Blog

A stunning arrival

It was 10 minutes before the groom was due to arrive when I spied a touch of blue in the sky which continued to grow, giving me hope that the wedding at Cape Woolamai beach was not going to be washed out.

De Bortoli wedding

De Bortoli Wines in Dixons Creek hosts a fantastic view, fit for a wedding…..and I believe they make a pretty good drop too! And the view played its part today, which I am sure the wine did later as well for a ceremony in the gardens for a small intimate get together.

Double Valentines Weddings

Hot and steamy after the great rains was the order for the day. But it worked well for both Valentines weddings

Happy Hindu Wedding

It was a very easy wedding for me….I only had to turn up (apart from all the background work of course). The couple who were married last night were celebrating a Hindu Wedding Ceremony.

Welcome to your new home country

What’s going on here? Last weekend it was hot hot hot and today it’s cold and rainy. Me thinks the weather gods are trying to mess with our heads! But we in the wedding industry have a secret weapon for these weird weather days….it’s called indoors, and luckily, as was the case last week, todays wedding was in doors.