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Puppy Love

Thank god for air conditioned chapels! Today’s couple had the forethought when they booked their wedding all those months ago to know that being in the middle of Summer, it was going to be hot hot hot!

Family business

Well today’s wedding was a very special one. Not just because it was the last one for the year but because today I got to introduce another Mrs Rodda to the world. Yep, nepotism is ripe in the Rodda family!

"We're getting married to be sure to be sure"

Well… yesterday’s wedding was full of emotion from both the bride and groom but very understandable.

Windy weather and surprise

Both weddings today were local to me and both were supposed to be very low key and relaxed.

Ye Ol' Wedding

The third and final wedding for this weekend was hot hot hot (just like the bride