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An offering to the Gods

One of the best perks of being a Celebrant is that you get to learn about all different cultures and customs. Today, I came across a beautiful set out presentation of fruit and flowers which, as part of the morning ceremony is an offering to the Gods.

A gift for giving

The weather turned out to be perfect for the wedding today at the Royal botanical Gardens at Cranbourne.

Now we're married

Today I did a no frills wedding for a couple who just arrived home from Bali this morning.

Well flower me!

I’m not sure what the little two year old thought her job was as flower girl. Perhaps she thought a bit of gardening was needed although she didn’t quite know where to plant her flowers so she decided to plant them against my leg.

Raise your glasses!

It’s not often you have the bride handed a drink on her way up the aisle, in fact that’s never happened at any of my weddings.