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Two Hundred Weddings

A bit of self-indulgence here…today was my 200th wedding, and I’m just a wee bit chuffed about that. But enough about me, now for today's wedding.

Once upon a time there was a wedding or two

Once upon a time, there was a very busy celebrant, she didn’t mind being busy, in fact, she loved it!! And today, she had two weddings to conduct:

Wedding at Eagle Ridge Golf Club

As golf courses go, Eagle Ridge Golf Club would have to be one of, if not the best set up for weddings. While others usually have a back drop of a beautiful course or a garden, and some even the ocean, Eagle Ridge has a lovely rotunda surrounded by a lake. Leading to the rotunda is a pathway with steps creating a delightful aisle.

Asian Wedding with good taste

When a couple from different Asian cultures come together, it can make a very diverse wedding. Today’s ceremony was for a Vietnamese Bride and her Groom was from East Timor and before the ceremony began, the family and guests had already celebrated a tea ceremony and a feast fir for a king. And even better……. I got to enjoy the feast as well.

Friday's Wedding full of fun

What’s a good way to finish off the working week? Have a wedding of course!