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Friday's Wedding full of fun

What’s a good way to finish off the working week? Have a wedding of course!

Garden Weddings

I often have grooms joke while discussing preferences for the ceremony that they would like to have the song “Highway to Hell” played, (and they all think they are original, lol) and today one of my brides decided to go with it! Only the first riff of the song before changing to her real chosen music for the processional, (a much more suitable piece for the Carpenters) but it gave everyone a laugh.

The next generation for me

It’s always a pleasure to hear about how my couples have moved on with their lives together, especially if it involves little pitter patters of tiny feet! And it is even more of a delight when I am invited back into their lives to help celebrate their new standing.

Wednesday Wedding in Cape Woolamai

Wednesday is not your usual wedding day but when you just want to have a small quiet intimate service with just your family and closest friends, in a back yard on Phillip Island, then any day is a good day!

Another Surprise!

Another surprise wedding tonight! They seem to be getting more and more common as couples like to opt for less stress and more fun!