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A Great Langwarrin Wedding

Phew! It seems that us Melbournians are so used to the cooler weather so as soon as a beautiful hot day happens, we really feel it and we certainly felt it today, especially the groom and all of the male guests who were dressed in suits.

A Short No Frills Wedding

Every now and again, I have a very small, no frills wedding. I offer these ceremonies at a reduced fee to couples that are either getting married on the sly and don’t want anybody to know (elopement) or plan on having a big ceremony in another country but want to actually be married in Australia.

It was supposed to be a beach wedding

Oh Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne…..what do we have to do to get in favour with the Weather Gods?? While other parts of the country are sweltering (well it is the middle of summer) we seem to be enduring a cold front at the moment BRRRRR!!

Same Sex marriage - are they making a point?

There have been two major events this past week that has encouraged reactions from many many people including me and I can’t help but compare some symbolism in the two. The first was the death of the great Nelson Mandela and the second was the happening of same sex marriage in Canberra. How can I compare the two you ask? Well read on and I will explain my understanding of how the two compare.

Same Sex Marriage For Melbourne Couples

A marriage under the Act can only take place in the ACT. But you do not have to live in the ACT to be married there.