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The wind in my sail...I mean veil!

The wind is usually considered the arch enemy of the wedding ceremony (that and rain) and today was no exception except for one small moment during the ceremony.


“Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen” said I “And welcome to the surprise wedding of ……..” Well well well thought the guests who all thought that they were there for an engagement party. This is the fun part of surprise weddings, seeing the looks on the guests faces when they realise that they have been tricked but in a good way!

A Great Langwarrin Wedding

What can I say about the weather apart from the fact that I take full credit for the beautiful day today…. all week the todays bride has been worried about the heat that we have been having so I assured her that I was having discussions with the Weather Gods and assured her that it will all be good for the day….and it was, so full credit to me…lol.

Renewal of Vows at Phillip Island

It started out as a sneaky ceremony, and then ended up as a big celebration.

A Great Langwarrin Wedding

Phew! It seems that us Melbournians are so used to the cooler weather so as soon as a beautiful hot day happens, we really feel it and we certainly felt it today, especially the groom and all of the male guests who were dressed in suits.