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A very small wedding

Today’s wedding was so small; I had to provide my husband as one of the witnesses, (all part of the service).

The emotions were high

What do you get when an English Rose marries an Italian/Australian? You get a match made in heaven. Today, at the Mont De Lancey Homestead chapel, a very emotional groom married his beautiful bride with his two young sons by his side.

Three Times The Pleasure

Well it’s been a busy weekend with three weddings.

Oops..... not quite ready yet!

OK, so I was given the thumbs up from the coordinator at the beautiful Dalywaters Rose Garden to say that the bride and her bridesmaids were ready to start walking down the 60 meter aisle to the rose chapel. So I welcome everyone to this special day, please turn your mobile phones off bla bla bla…. Music starts…..first bridesmaids starts walking down….. then second bridesmaid is about to start….. then stops. As I’m standing at my post next to the Groom and his groomsmen, wondering what’s going on, the first bridesmaid starts walking back up the aisle and the coordinator starts waving to me to stop the music.

Weddings in Glasshouses.....

I have had a bride arrive on a horse before and on a horse and cart but never on a horse and cart into a shopping centre…..until today.