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Skyhigh Wedding

The Dandenong Ranges in Victoria has many awesome wedding venues, each with their own certain charm but gee, it’s hard to go past the magnificent Skyhigh Mount Dandenong. It hosts a view of the whole of Melbourne creating that wow factor! And when the weather gods don’t favour us with sunny wedding weather, what better than to hold a ceremony in a large glass room warmed by a fireplace creating a heavenly ambience. Graham, the very helpful wedding coordinator of Skyhigh, said he practically has to pinch himself every day to remind himself that he is working there for real.

A beautiful garden wedding

Well it seems that the Sun God one the war of the weather today! All week we have all been watching the weather on the news with dismay but when we all woke up this morning, the sky was blue and it was an absolutely beautiful day.

What’s the deal with grooms??

I would say that when I am contacted by couples for their upcoming weddings, ninety-five percent of the time it is the bride who contacts me. And out of that ninety-five percent, I would say that about fifty percent of the grooms sit there quietly when the couple come to see me, that is, until they succumb to my wonderfully warm personality (cough cough) and realise that I won’t bite them.

A beach wedding not on the beach

One of my most favorite places in the world is Mount Eliza. When I am rich, I plan on building my dream home there, (hopefully next door to Hugh Jackman but that’s another story) so I get very excited when I get to do a wedding there. And what better place than at the Ranelagh Yacht Club!

A great wedding party!

When you have five bridesmaids, five groomsmen, three page boys and a flower girl, you want to keep a tight rein on everything to make sure that it all runs smoothly. And yes it did…..right down to the kids all behaving beautifully, especially the one who had both the rings.