Robyn Rodda Blog

A quick change of venue

We were all checking our phones today, watching to see what the rain radar was telling us. Will it or won’t it? Well, it did….but not until after the decision was made that it was not going to rain and we would have the ceremony at the beautiful tea tree garden at the RACV Resort in Cape Schanck

An Autumn wedding

Chateau Yering is a wonderful historic House Hotel in Yarra Glen and at this time of the year with the leaves changing colour, looks absolutely amazing! It set the scene for the wedding today which turned out to be lovely. Even the weather behaved itself….

I’d rather be a Kiwi than an Aussie right now!

I always count my blessing that I am an Aussie; after all it’s the best country in the world. Compared to the rest of the world, our lifestyle is pretty lay-back, we have great beaches, fantastic country regional areas, no wars, and freedom of speech.

A Boat Harbour in Somerville?

Who would’ve thought that there would be a boat harbour in Somerville! I live about 15 minutes away and I always thought Somerville was landlocked, but I was wrong. And today, we held a wedding there.

A Wedding on My Wedding Day!

The coincidences for this wedding struck me immediately when I was contacted by the bride. Firstly, they wanted to marry on April 12th which is my wedding anniversary, then she told me her name, which is the same as my daughters, and then she told me the name of her hubby-to-be which was almost the same as my maiden name!! Well… it seemed to me that I was just meant to do this wedding.