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I will never win Marriage Celebrant of the year!

There is a certain website that rewards wedding vendors i.e., Celebrants, Photographers, venues etc by holding awards for the best vendor in their category. They advertise that the nominees and winners on their site and the prize is all in the glory of winning. Contenders can promote themselves as nominees with the hope that this will give an edge over the competition. It all works quite well except for one thing.

A Perfect Wedding

The lovely Ascot House, in Ascot Vale of course set the scene for today’s wedding. On a perfect autumn day, the trees provided a wonderful ambiance and the couple who were married today had the picture-perfect wedding.

A Very Picturesque Wedding

It was such a pleasant wedding today. The weather gods did try to mess with our heads, looking like it was going to rain at times and the wind threatening to blow a gale at other times, but it turned out to be sunny and quite comfortable.

Marriage Celebrants and Rain don't mix!

I know it’s not kosher to complain about the rain after all the heat we have had lately in Melbourne but I’m going to anyway! Seriously, it’s Saturday afternoon on March…… there were hundreds of weddings this afternoon, surely the weather gods know this.

A Hot day but a Great day!

Being hot enough to make my make-up melt on my face before the wedding is not such a good thing for a marriage celebrant. But it was all good in the end, a cloud cover and a nice breeze saved the day, THANK GOD!