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Happy Valentine's Day

To all my brides and grooms, present and future, Happy Valentine’s Day

Two Chapels in one day

If you want your wedding to have the traditional feel of a church, the beautiful background of the ocean and the atmosphere of the country, then Trenavin Park Chapel on Phillip Island is for you. Such a beautiful look inside and out and for the perfect photos, the view is to die for!

a nervous nervous groom

A beautiful beautiful bride and a nervous nervous groom……….and a celebrant just a wee bit worried for the groom! But once the ceremony was on the way, then the groom went from nervous to cheeky, much better!

Busy Dad!

Hats off to the father of the bride today! He was very busy today, what with walking his daughter down the aisle, then reading the poem “The Art of Marriage” and then participated in the sand ceremony which was included in the ceremony to unite the two families together.

the great Australian wave

Another hot day today but I when you have a wedding on the beach that’s not such a bad thing! Although the flys were a bit of a challenge….the great Australian wave featured a lot today!