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Another beautiful wedding done and dusted!!

This morning’s wedding was my last for the year and it was small but impressive. There was a small heard of kangaroos hopping by at the amazing Seawinds Park in Arthurs Seat. I say amazing because of the breathtaking view, and the wild life. Although, when walking through the park, you do need to dodge the kangaroo poo!

island of the Long White Cloud

Today’s couple (and most of their guests) were from the island of the Long White Cloud and are now residents of our beautiful city of Mornington. And in keeping with their new found love of their new home, they wanted to have their ceremony in Mornington as well.

Am I getting old??

You know how they say you know you are getting older when the police look young! When I looked at the couple getting married today I thought how much they looked like babies and then realized that they were actually a few years older than I was when I got married. Oh, does that mean I’m getting old!

never work with children or animals

They say never “never work with children or animals”. Well there were no animals in the 3 weddings this weekend (Fly’s are not animals are they?) but there were certainly children in the first two weddings.

The Zoo! YAY!

Anybody who knows me will know that I am a huge animal lover, (I’m actually a crazy giraffe lady) so to do a wedding at the Melbourne Zoo is a big thrill for me! And today, I had that big thrill.