Robyn Rodda Blog

Tying the Knot

Sandhurst Golf Club is one of the loveliest golf clubs and it is a little different to other golf courses in the way it hosts ceremonies. Instead of having ceremonies close to the main building or near the greens, they have a special secluded area under a large tree. This area is quite a distance to travel so everyone gets ferried via the golf buggies. Including the Groom, his Groomsmen, Bride, Bridesmaids and one certain Celebrant holding on tightly to her PA and briefcase!

Bali in Traralgon

The venue for today’s wedding was absolutely spectacular! BJ’s on Varney in Traralgon has so much greenery with the palms and ferns and trees everywhere. But the main attraction is the stage that has plenty of room for a wedding party and is shaded by a beautiful Golden Elm tree. The whole area has a look about it very much like Bali.

A Very Late Bride

Well the weather certainly heated up today! While we were all waiting for the bride who was running very late, we were all sweltering in our good wedding wear, watching the swimmers and sunbathers on the beach at Cowes, Phillip Island. And later, they were watching us as we went through the ceremony. Our bride and groom had a bigger audience than anticipated…

Bridesmaides in High Heels

A very precarious walk for the 3 bridesmaids today, one of them heavily pregnant and all of them, not really used to walking in high heels. Bat they made it, over the bridge and on the grass with their stoppers on their heels to stop them from sinking in to the ground.

Transport Woes

The weather kept behaving itself today or at least for the wedding for today’s couple. It was supposed to be a late morning wedding but due to the limousine company letting the bride down it turned out to be an early afternoon ceremony instead. But no matter, it all worked out I the end. The ironic thing is that when this couple went out on their first date, they nearly didn’t make it because they couldn’t find a taxi until a mate drove them and today, again a mate came to the rescue, so I’m sure that it was a good omen!