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Get That Ring On!

Well it was a wedding to remember today.

Sands on the Bay on Elwood Foreshore

What a fantastic day for a wedding today and it was such a great wedding too! If you’re wanting to have a beach wedding without having to deal with the sand then Sands on the Bay on Elwood Foreshore is the place to do it. A lovely restaurant with a sun room right on the beach, with the sun streaming in and creating a very light atmosphere.

a ceremony for a special little gir

I don’t do many naming ceremonies as I choose to concentrate more on weddings but today I had a particular reason to do a ceremony for a special little girl. She is the first child of a couple I married a couple of years ago and today was her first birthday.

a very small intermit wedding

Well, it seems like it has been a quiet time for me as I have not done a wedding for nearly 2 months but it has actually been quite busy! I have been meeting with lots of happy couples, discussing their upcoming weddings, so I have a very busy year ahead of me.

Wonderful Winter Wedding with a Red Dress

Summerfield’s Country House in Bittern is a beautiful Wedding Reception House that luckily has the facilities to host a wedding ceremony inside and outside. And due to today’s weather, we held the ceremony inside.