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a ceremony for a special little gir

I don’t do many naming ceremonies as I choose to concentrate more on weddings but today I had a particular reason to do a ceremony for a special little girl. She is the first child of a couple I married a couple of years ago and today was her first birthday.

a very small intermit wedding

Well, it seems like it has been a quiet time for me as I have not done a wedding for nearly 2 months but it has actually been quite busy! I have been meeting with lots of happy couples, discussing their upcoming weddings, so I have a very busy year ahead of me.

Wonderful Winter Wedding with a Red Dress

Summerfield’s Country House in Bittern is a beautiful Wedding Reception House that luckily has the facilities to host a wedding ceremony inside and outside. And due to today’s weather, we held the ceremony inside.

Fairhaven or Fair Heaven

Yesterday, an absolutely gorgeous couple got married on the beach of Fairhaven. Not only gorgeous to look at but also inside, their warm, welcoming, friendliness made the freezing conditions of the beach forgivable.

Last Minute Wedding

Well, I thought I was going to have a break, but I was wrong. Turned out that a couple wanted me to do their wedding for today. It’s not a good idea to leave booking your celebrant at the last minute, Ladies and Gentlemen, in fact you will more than likely find the wedding will not happen. It is mandatory to submit your first legal form (Notice of Intention to Marry) with the celebrant who will conduct your wedding at least 1 month before the ceremony.