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Last Minute Wedding

Well, I thought I was going to have a break, but I was wrong. Turned out that a couple wanted me to do their wedding for today. It’s not a good idea to leave booking your celebrant at the last minute, Ladies and Gentlemen, in fact you will more than likely find the wedding will not happen. It is mandatory to submit your first legal form (Notice of Intention to Marry) with the celebrant who will conduct your wedding at least 1 month before the ceremony.

The lovely Fitzroy Gardens

The lovely Fitzroy Gardens in the city was the venue for the wedding today, right in front of the Dolphin Fountain and next to a great big beautiful Golden Elm tree (my favourite tree). A great place for a wedding, especially when the Weather Gods are kind, like they were this afternoon.

Lots of Tears

Well it ended up being a great wedding today, with beautiful weather, lots of laughs, a great couple with plenty of emotions and good cheer all around. But I was a bit uneasy before the wedding as the groom hadn’t arrived until about 5 minutes before the bride and it was after the ceremony was about to start.

When Queenslanders Come South

There is a saying in Melbourne...If you don’t like the weather, just wait an hour...unfortunately, it also goes the other way, from a beautiful warm day to a cool cloudy late afternoon. Which is not so good, especially if you’re a Queenslander!

Poets Lane on Sherbrooke

What an absolutely glorious day it was today in Melbourne! Perfect for a garden wedding in the tree lined Rotunda of Poets Lane on Sherbrooke.