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Hot Windy Wedding

So what kind of day would you like for your wedding? Would you like it hot enough so you feel your toes burning in your sandals? Or perhaps you prefer it to be a little cooler with winds to blow away your carefully planned hairdo? Well today I can offer you both!

An End and a Start

My last wedding for the year and my very first wedding which included the new words “Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of two people” instead of “a man and a woman”…how historic!!

Get married on Valentines Day!

These weddings held on Valentine’s Day, are designed to give couples a short run with maximum impact and are for two people who love each other and would like a beautiful wedding but don’t want to spend tens of thousand dollars.

Wet Weather Wedding

Oh those crazy weather gods! They’re such pranksters aren’t they…. Well, they may have created a lot of stress in the lead up to the wedding but nothing a good tarp couldn’t fix! And a few umbrellas helped out too; in fact they were very popular.

A wedding to remember!

Oh Boy! Where do I start??