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300 Weddings

I spent my afternoon at the lovely Whitechapel Estate today performing my 300th wedding…. WOW, that added up quickly!

Valentine’s Day wedding

Today was the day for lovers, and a perfect day to get married (apart from the windy weather that is).

Long Time Love

What happens when you have 8 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen in the one wedding? One lucky groomsman gets to have two bridesmaids on his arm…that’s what!

Love in the Seventies

Love has no age barriers and that was confirmed today when a beautiful couple married in the gardens of their retirement village that they live in

Hot Windy Wedding

So what kind of day would you like for your wedding? Would you like it hot enough so you feel your toes burning in your sandals? Or perhaps you prefer it to be a little cooler with winds to blow away your carefully planned hairdo? Well today I can offer you both!