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Good ol' Country and Western

Well it was certainly a unusual wedding ceremony for me today. I have never done a wedding out in the sticks before! The hilly terrain was certainly different to what I’m used to, as it was mainly just clay with very dry grass and lots of cracks and in the cracks were plenty of black crickets. Hmmm....this is all fine so far..... as long as none of these little buggers decide to hitch a ride home with me, then I can deal with it.

Beautiful Stones of Yarra Valley in Coldstream

I’m not sure I can come up with the words that describe the chapel at Stones of Yarra Valley in Coldstream. After the rehearsal on Thursday night, I tried to describe how beautiful it is to my husband but just could not do it justice and he couldn’t understand it until he saw it for himself. Made from sandstone, it has high cathedral ceilings, arched windows and beautifully decorated including a grand piano.

That WOW Factor

If you’re looking for a place to have your wedding with a view that has the WOW factor, then you can’t go past Seawinds at Arthurs Seat. Every guest that turned up for the ceremony would look at the view and just say WOW!

Cape Schanck Lighthouse

Today’s bride has a love for lighthouses and the colour orange so, she decided the best way to share her love for these things was to incorporate them into her wedding. How do you do this? By having your ceremony at the Cape Schanck Lighthouse while wearing a dress with orange trim of course! Not to mention, the bright orange shoes to go with her bridal gown.

Coronet Bay

What a lovely beach at Coronet Bay...lovely and quiet..... lovely and sheltered.... and a lovely place for a wedding....which of course is what happened there today. The weather was lovely, the guests were lovely and the bride was ........gorgeous!