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Olay olay.... it was hot hot hot!

But thankfully the gardens in The Overnewton Castle in Keilor have lots of shade which made today’s wedding more comfortable. A lovely place to hold a ceremony with greenery surrounding us and a lovely old building (the castle) there for the reception.

Wedding at The Patterson River country Club

Oh the weather....ho-hum. But this time we had a plan B that worked beautifully. The Patterson River country Club has a beautiful view from the balcony which also protects from the rain and the wind. We even had a candle lit in honour of the Bride’s Father and the Grooms Pa.

Australia Day Wedding!

Happy Australia Day!

Two Very Different Weddings

I had two weddings today, and they were two very different weddings.

Hot Sand at the Beach

When it comes to being a Celebrant, I am magnificent! (Even if I say so myself). When it comes to being a Celebrant that has to have bare feet on hot sand at a beach wedding, I am a woos! When I was first told that everyone was to have bare feet at this wedding, I found it very appealing, yay, no shoes at a wedding! But the sand was hot hot hot! The day was hot, the sun was hot, I was hot and everything was hot!