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One Hundredth Wedding!

I know that as a marriage celebrant, I am really only one of the cogs in the wheel for the couple on their journey to getting married. Even though I put a lot of work into the wedding ceremony, it’s not about me, it all about the bride and groom. I understand that and accept it happily. But today, I would like to take a small part of the glory as I have reached a milestone. Today I conducted my one hundredth wedding ceremony and I must say, that to do that in only three and a half years is pretty dam good, and I am quite proud of myself!

Olay olay.... it was hot hot hot!

But thankfully the gardens in The Overnewton Castle in Keilor have lots of shade which made today’s wedding more comfortable. A lovely place to hold a ceremony with greenery surrounding us and a lovely old building (the castle) there for the reception.

Wedding at The Patterson River country Club

Oh the weather....ho-hum. But this time we had a plan B that worked beautifully. The Patterson River country Club has a beautiful view from the balcony which also protects from the rain and the wind. We even had a candle lit in honour of the Bride’s Father and the Grooms Pa.

Australia Day Wedding!

Happy Australia Day!

Two Very Different Weddings

I had two weddings today, and they were two very different weddings.