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Hot Sand at the Beach

When it comes to being a Celebrant, I am magnificent! (Even if I say so myself). When it comes to being a Celebrant that has to have bare feet on hot sand at a beach wedding, I am a woos! When I was first told that everyone was to have bare feet at this wedding, I found it very appealing, yay, no shoes at a wedding! But the sand was hot hot hot! The day was hot, the sun was hot, I was hot and everything was hot!

Renewal of Vows 14/1/12

It was a lovely ceremony today, not a wedding, but a Renewal of Vows.

Back Yard Wedding

It was such a lovely day today for a wedding. And to have one in such a lovely back yard under a couple of white umbrella’s with the breeze flowing and the guests all dressed up and happy made it perfect.

Christmas Day Wedding!

Well it was a wedding with a bit of a difference yesterday! Yes, I said yesterday.....which was Christmas Day. But it was all good, having a wedding on Christmas Day meant that my husband had to cook the Chrissie Dinner, a win win for me!

Two weddings on Phillip Island

Phillip Island is an ideal place for weddings. There are many places with great views such as the two venues that I was at today.