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Winter Wedding

Well it’s the middle of winter and today the weather was grand! Which was a good thing because I had a wedding today at the Healesville Sanctuary. Such a lovely spot to have a wedding, amongst the kangaroos, emus and kookaburras. We had the ceremony in a rotunda with a wood fire going which created a fantastic ambiance.

Wedding at White Chapel

Today’s wedding was held in a wonderful chapel at the Whitechapel Receptions which lucky for me, is also close to home! So a wonderful wedding at a wonderful venue in a wonderful area! And it certainly is a wonderful venue, the chapel was roomy, yet cosy and it also had the facilities for the reception, so I would highly recommend it.

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful

What a wonderful day today! Wonderful weather, wonderful venue and a wonderful couple.

Wet Beach Wedding

Oh the weather Gods were not nice today. The decision needed to be made on whether to hold the wedding at the beach like originally planned or change the venue to plan B, a hall down the road. There were a few of us standing in the sand, looking at the dark clouds looming, scratching our head, what to do, what to do. We finally made the decision to stay at the beach. We made the wrong decision.

Two weddings today and they were two very different weddings!

Two weddings today and they were two very different weddings!