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Sherwood Receptions in Greenvale

An absolutely gorgeous day today in Melbourne. Couples getting married today with outside ceremonies were blessed as were my couple that I married today.

Short and Sweet Wedding

Yesterdays wedding was probably one of my longest ceremonies and today’s would be close to one of the shortest. The couple that got married today wanted a short sweet ceremony, and that is exactly what they got.

Again the weather came into play today!

But, the lovely Silverwater Resort in San Remo combats the weather Gods by providing a large Marquee, which is very handy on a rainy day like today.

Lucky Rainy Wedding Day

They say that it is good luck to rain on your wedding day. If this is true then today’s brides and grooms will have enough luck to last them the rest of their lives!!

The Riva at Sk Kilda

Today’s wedding was almost like reaching a milestone because I met this couple over 2 years ago when they planned on getting married just a few months later but due to unfortunate circumstances had to postpone the wedding a couple of times.