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A Whirlwind Wedding

I haven’t known today’s bride and groom for long; in fact they only introduced themselves to me a few weeks ago when they had a wedding ceremony on the horizon and suddenly found themselves without a celebrant!

A wonderful wedding review

Thank you so very much for the beautiful ceremony on our wedding day.

A Very Cheery Wedding

"Are you the chick that's going to marry them?" asked the young man looking quite dapper in his suit "yep, that's me" as I flashed my celebrant badge at him "cool" he answered as he continued on his way “Cool” said I…. I haven’t been called a chick in a very long time!

No Frills Yes Fun

A no frills wedding doesn’t mean a no fun wedding…. And that is how today’s bride and groom saw it.

Long love at first sight

Nineteen years is a long time to be engaged, but hey, it can take a lot of planning for a wedding to go just right!