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Long love at first sight

Nineteen years is a long time to be engaged, but hey, it can take a lot of planning for a wedding to go just right!

Wedding at Parkdale Yacht Club

The view from the Parkdale Yacht Club is just perfect for a backdrop for a wedding and offers a relaxed atmosphere for ceremonies and receptions that want to be friendly and stress free.

Wedding in Langwarrin

You couldn’t ask for a better day for weather wise for a wedding, today was perfect! And it was a lovely relaxed ceremony with all of the couple’s children all being part of the bridal party.

Wedding at Schnapper Point

The weather, the venue and the whole day was just perfect!!

Gazebo and Pond wedding

As I have already stated in the past, I love back yard weddings! And except from the fact that this was actually in the front yard, this was no exception!