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A very emotional ceremoy

If you could see me as I write this, you would see that my eyes are slightly watery. And that is because the ceremony I did today has had a profound effect on me. In fact, every time I would think of the story this couple told me when I first met them a few months ago, I tear up and today, as I relayed this story during the renewal of vows ceremony, I struggled but managed to keep it together.

You see, they got married 33 years ago with a very non eventful wedding. They had no money, no guests, no wedding dress, nothing. As they moved on though their life, they bought up their family of four sons and life was tough but good until tragedy struck and took one of their sons away from them. For the next eight years or so, they lived life in a sort of numbness and it took a lot of hard work and a lot of time to start to finally feel normal again.

And then another tragedy, when the groom was in a horrific accident which almost took his life. But while he was in hospital, he had lots of time to think and he started to view life differently. He had the opportunity to talk to a couple of psychologists who helped him with his grieving for his son. He started to realise that even though they had suffered a great loss and he had almost lost his life, he was alive and he still had his wife who is the love of his life. He saw her as his angel and decided it was time to start appreciating life. He could see a silver lining and it was an eye opener for him.

So one night, while he was still in hospital, he phoned his wife and said "Will you do the honour of marrying me?" Naturally, she thought he was off his rocker and there was something wrong with his head and she said, "We're already married!" "Let's do it properly this time" he replied.

It's at this point in the ceremony that the tears started flowing. Not only from our beautiful couple, and the forty guests but from one certain marriage certificate. It was a beautiful ceremony, one that I will remember many years from now.

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