A wedding worth waiting for

This wedding has been a long time coming.

Stairway to Heavenly Marriage

Up the stairs she strode, ready to join her handsome groom in marriage.

1-2-3 Dip!

The first thing to notice about this wedding were the shoes that all of the bridal party wore….why wear uncomfortable shoes when you can wear sneakers

Pink and Blue

The sun was shining, the breeze was whispering past us, the guests were all dressed to impress, the groom and his groomsmen were all mingling with the guests and were all anticipating the arrival of the bride and her attendees.

A gift for the Gods

One of the best perks of being a Celebrant is that you get to learn about all different cultures and customs. Today, I came across a beautiful set out presentation of fruit and flowers which, as part of the morning ceremony is an offering to the Gods.

An offering to the Gods

One of the best perks of being a Celebrant is that you get to learn about all different cultures and customs. Today, I came across a beautiful set out presentation of fruit and flowers which, as part of the morning ceremony is an offering to the Gods.

A gift for giving

The weather turned out to be perfect for the wedding today at the Royal botanical Gardens at Cranbourne.

Now we're married

Today I did a no frills wedding for a couple who just arrived home from Bali this morning.

Well flower me!

I’m not sure what the little two year old thought her job was as flower girl. Perhaps she thought a bit of gardening was needed although she didn’t quite know where to plant her flowers so she decided to plant them against my leg.

Raise your glasses!

It’s not often you have the bride handed a drink on her way up the aisle, in fact that’s never happened at any of my weddings.

Raise your glasses!

It’s not often you have the bride handed a drink on her way up the aisle, in fact that’s never happened at any of my weddings.

Sunny wedding by the Yarra

Melbourne blessed us with beautiful weather today which made the wedding for today so much lovelier!

Same Sex Wedding

I’m very proud to announce that I conducted my first same sex wedding today! And

Short and sweet wedding

A short, sweet and simple wedding was held today.

A Unique Wedding Venue

I have conducted lots of weddings in lots of different venues, but never in a shearers shed… until today. The wedding was set at the Heritage farm on Churchill Island and due to the windy weather, we had to take it inside.

300 Weddings

I spent my afternoon at the lovely Whitechapel Estate today performing my 300th wedding…. WOW, that added up quickly!

Valentine’s Day wedding

Today was the day for lovers, and a perfect day to get married (apart from the windy weather that is).

Long Time Love

What happens when you have 8 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen in the one wedding? One lucky groomsman gets to have two bridesmaids on his arm…that’s what!

Love in the Seventies

Love has no age barriers and that was confirmed today when a beautiful couple married in the gardens of their retirement village that they live in

Hot Windy Wedding

So what kind of day would you like for your wedding? Would you like it hot enough so you feel your toes burning in your sandals? Or perhaps you prefer it to be a little cooler with winds to blow away your carefully planned hairdo? Well today I can offer you both!

An End and a Start

My last wedding for the year and my very first wedding which included the new words “Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of two people” instead of “a man and a woman”…how historic!!

Get married on Valentines Day!

These weddings held on Valentine’s Day, are designed to give couples a short run with maximum impact and are for two people who love each other and would like a beautiful wedding but don’t want to spend tens of thousand dollars.

Wet Weather Wedding

Oh those crazy weather gods! They’re such pranksters aren’t they…. Well, they may have created a lot of stress in the lead up to the wedding but nothing a good tarp couldn’t fix! And a few umbrellas helped out too; in fact they were very popular.

A wedding to remember!

Oh Boy! Where do I start??

Small intimate wedding in Langwarrin

Small intimate weddings are fabulous, they really are!

A Celebrant Abroad

I recently went to Africa for a holiday.

Put a ring on it weddings

Put a ring on it weddings

Rain Rain go away Don’t come back on wedding days!

The beautiful Eagle Ridge Golf Course has a very attractive area for ceremonies with steps leading down to a bridge taking you to a small rotunda on the lake with a fountain in the background, making it a very popular place for weddings. Luckily, it also has an indoor option for days like today!

A Whirlwind Wedding

I haven’t known today’s bride and groom for long; in fact they only introduced themselves to me a few weeks ago when they had a wedding ceremony on the horizon and suddenly found themselves without a celebrant!

A wonderful wedding review

Thank you so very much for the beautiful ceremony on our wedding day.

A Very Cheery Wedding

"Are you the chick that's going to marry them?" asked the young man looking quite dapper in his suit "yep, that's me" as I flashed my celebrant badge at him "cool" he answered as he continued on his way “Cool” said I…. I haven’t been called a chick in a very long time!

No Frills Yes Fun

A no frills wedding doesn’t mean a no fun wedding…. And that is how today’s bride and groom saw it.

Wedding at Parkdale Yacht Club

The view from the Parkdale Yacht Club is just perfect for a backdrop for a wedding and offers a relaxed atmosphere for ceremonies and receptions that want to be friendly and stress free.

Wedding in Langwarrin

You couldn’t ask for a better day for weather wise for a wedding, today was perfect! And it was a lovely relaxed ceremony with all of the couple’s children all being part of the bridal party.

Wedding at Schnapper Point

The weather, the venue and the whole day was just perfect!!

Gazebo and Pond wedding

As I have already stated in the past, I love back yard weddings! And except from the fact that this was actually in the front yard, this was no exception!

Low key, warm and friendly wedding!

I think back yard weddings are the best!


Another surprise wedding tonight….. I love it when the guests are already in party mood; it really helps with the happy atmosphere.


There was food, and more food and even more food for all the guests at today’s wedding. And a very generous couple also shared with their celebrant after the wedding ceremony.

Brides and Grooms everywhere!

There were three Bride and Grooms and two weddings today….

Don't Blow the Arbour Down

What do you do to stop your arbour from being blown over by the wind during a wedding? You employ the services of two of the kids at the wedding to stand on either side of it and hold it….

Melbourne and local weddings

It was two very different weddings that I conducted today!

It's almost Summer at Summerfields Country House

The wedding gods and the weather gods obviously got together this morning to surprise brides and grooms all around Melbourne for their big day, and those of us at Summerfields Country House in Bittern were very appreciative of this!

The Moons Were Aligned

The moons were aligned for today’s wedding.

No Fuss No Russ

A “no frills wedding” may not have the flourishes of a written personalised ceremony but they do have a certain charm of their own. When there is only the bride and groom and a couple of specially chosen close knit friends or family, it becomes quite intimate.

Love at first sight

There’s not many of us that believe in love at first sight, and until I met the couple I married today, I wasn't totally convinced either. But when I met them and heard their story, I realised that it very much possible!

Chapel of Love

Not only is the chapel at Vue on Halcyon very beautiful with its long windows looking out to the vast views of the hills around the vineyards in Chirnside Park but it has a wonderful ambience as well. Which suited the gorgeous couple that were married there today.

Skulls and Lollipops

Skulls and lollipops seemed to be the theme of today’s wedding.

Werribee Mansion Wedding

It’s always good to be recommended to another couple by a bride and groom that I had previously married and this how I came to marry today’s couple. And incidentally, another couple I married were among the guests as well, so it was a great surprise to see them as well as the other bride who had recommended me!

Wedding at Ascot House

A very nervous bride and a very cheeky groom made a beautiful couple today at Ascot House in Ascot Vale.

Star Grooms

Two weddings today and both grooms have the honour of being the star of the weddings.

Chef's Choice

The next time you go for a meal at Matteo’s in North Fitzroy, be sure to congratulate the head chef on his marriage as today he made the biggest step in his life when he married his gorgeous bride!

Helium for Love

Their wedding was a long time coming for today’s couple as they have been together for quite a few years. Up until now, they were happy with their living situation but sometimes outlooks change and now just seemed the right time to get married.

Two Special Weddings

I’m sure I have mentioned before that when I win Tattslotto, I will move to Mount Eliza and today I found just the right neighbourhood to move in to. Today’s first wedding couple hired a house in the hood of Australia’s beloved Hugh Jackman and this gave them a fantastic view of the ocean, just before the tennis court, just before the pool for their photos.

Wedding at Brighton Beach

The swimmers and sunbathers were pleasantly surprised today when they witnessed a wedding at the Brighton Beach

Short and Sweet Wedding

My first wedding for 2016 was a very informal one in the beautiful grounds of George Pentland Botanical Gardens, which incidentally, was where I got married oh so many years ago.


Well, first let me say…… I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and for those of us Melbourne dwellers, I hope you managed to stay cool in a hot hot city!

Wedding at Portsea

Romania met South Africa today when two ex-pats of these countries got married. It was very interesting to hear the different accents as the couple said their vows and their guests chatted to each other.

Westernport Wedding

It turned out to be a lovely sunny afternoon, fit for a wedding. Although the wind coming off the Westernport bay was a bit chilly.

Colourful and windy wedding

It was a very small and intimate wedding today with only 3 of the couple’s closest friends there, at Shelly Beach on Phillip Island.

Wedding 1 wedding 2

Two weddings today had a lot of similarities, they both had young lovely brides and grooms, they were both garden weddings, both on the Mornington Peninsula, both had best friends and sisters as bridesmaids, both had a great celebrant and both brides were very excited!

Is Thursday the new Friday for weddings?

Thursday weddings seem to be getting more and more common these days, maybe because it can save a few costs, but today’s couple chose this date to get married because it was exactly 5 years to the day that they went on their first date.

Peninsula Weddings

Two very different weddings today!

Wedding at Settlers Run

Today’s couple are living proof that online dating can work. Although it started off slowly as the bride is quite shy, they became inseparable from the time they actually met.

Ballam Park Wedding

What a lovely place the Ballam Park Homestead is! I live just up the road and never even knew it existed until I was approached by todays couple to conduct their wedding there. Many flowers around with green grass dotted by some kind of small pink flower….very nice!

Sorrento Beach Wedding

Today’s couple didn’t have to look far for a great Celebrant….just next door! It was really lovely being able to conduct the ceremony for a neighbour, it feels even more personal.

Multi-cultural Thursday Wedding

What happens when a Kiwi meets a Californian? They get married and settle down in Melbourne of course…


It’s amazing how music from the movie “Frozen” excites little kids. So this was the theme for today's wedding…. To include the four gorgeous young daughters of the bride and groom into the ceremony by playing music from Frozen as well as “Adult music”.

Rain Rain Go Away

Just when I was starting to think that the weather gods were smiling down on wedding days, they throw a whammy in! Oh, the heartache it causes when a groom has to make a decision on whether or not to have the wedding inside or out, knowing full well that the bride has her heart set on outside but the weather has other plans.

Love those Surprise Weddings!

“I know you are all here to celebrate our Engagement, but umm we’re actually getting married”

Marriage Equality Logo

When Marriage Equality is finally permitted in Australia (I say when, not if), some Celebrants will be very happy to conduct same sex marriage ceremonies and some Celebrants won’t.

Amazing Hindu Ceremony

As I stood there on the sidelines in the Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple, I enjoyed watching the seven steps of a Hindu wedding

Sorrento Beach Wedding

The ferry was ready to leave the port to go to Queenscliff…. Bonsai Live were ready to play “Over the Rainbow” then the bride arrived looking stunning and ready to go.


How do you top off a beautiful sunny day after a baby christening?? You have a surprise wedding!!

Must Love Dogs

st love dogs was one of those cheesy movies that I love, being about a couple who meet on the net, and todays wedding reminds me very much of this movie as the bride and groom met on the net with the groom stating on his profile, “must love animals.”

Silverwater Wedding

It’s funny how some people can know each other for years but only really discover each other when their own lives go through turmoil.

Wedding at Pier 10

It was while going for a walk through Cape Schanck that today’s happy couple fell in love, I mean literally…. It was dark and the groom walked into a park bench and fell head over heels!

A Wedding Painting

I have seen a lot of photographers in my time and quite a few videographers but never an artist painting a picture of the wedding ceremony…..that is until today.

A Serene Ambiance

The gorgeous couple who got married today chose a terrific venue. Nathania Springs in Monbulk does have a lovely chapel but when it is such a beautiful day like today was, then it’s the gardens that need to be taken advantage of.

Perfect Wedding Scene

My favourite venue in my favourite suburb hosted the wedding today. And just to add to the charm of Ranelagh Club in Mount Eliza, Mother Nature and the weather gods turned on a beautiful day so the view of the bay was heavenly.

A stunning arrival

It was 10 minutes before the groom was due to arrive when I spied a touch of blue in the sky which continued to grow, giving me hope that the wedding at Cape Woolamai beach was not going to be washed out.

De Bortoli wedding

De Bortoli Wines in Dixons Creek hosts a fantastic view, fit for a wedding…..and I believe they make a pretty good drop too! And the view played its part today, which I am sure the wine did later as well for a ceremony in the gardens for a small intimate get together.

Double Valentines Weddings

Hot and steamy after the great rains was the order for the day. But it worked well for both Valentines weddings

Happy Hindu Wedding

It was a very easy wedding for me….I only had to turn up (apart from all the background work of course). The couple who were married last night were celebrating a Hindu Wedding Ceremony.

Welcome to your new home country

What’s going on here? Last weekend it was hot hot hot and today it’s cold and rainy. Me thinks the weather gods are trying to mess with our heads! But we in the wedding industry have a secret weapon for these weird weather days….it’s called indoors, and luckily, as was the case last week, todays wedding was in doors.

Puppy Love

Thank god for air conditioned chapels! Today’s couple had the forethought when they booked their wedding all those months ago to know that being in the middle of Summer, it was going to be hot hot hot!

Family business

Well today’s wedding was a very special one. Not just because it was the last one for the year but because today I got to introduce another Mrs Rodda to the world. Yep, nepotism is ripe in the Rodda family!

"We're getting married to be sure to be sure"

Well… yesterday’s wedding was full of emotion from both the bride and groom but very understandable.

Windy weather and surprise

Both weddings today were local to me and both were supposed to be very low key and relaxed.

Ye Ol' Wedding

The third and final wedding for this weekend was hot hot hot (just like the bride

Wedding With a View

WOW, how glorious is this weather!! It just about matches the beauty of the view from Lions Park in San Remo where todays wedding was held. But it doesn’t quite match the beauty of the bride….

Two Hundred Weddings

A bit of self-indulgence here…today was my 200th wedding, and I’m just a wee bit chuffed about that. But enough about me, now for today's wedding.

Once upon a time there was a wedding or two

Once upon a time, there was a very busy celebrant, she didn’t mind being busy, in fact, she loved it!! And today, she had two weddings to conduct:

Wedding at Eagle Ridge Golf Club

As golf courses go, Eagle Ridge Golf Club would have to be one of, if not the best set up for weddings. While others usually have a back drop of a beautiful course or a garden, and some even the ocean, Eagle Ridge has a lovely rotunda surrounded by a lake. Leading to the rotunda is a pathway with steps creating a delightful aisle.

Asian Wedding with good taste

When a couple from different Asian cultures come together, it can make a very diverse wedding. Today’s ceremony was for a Vietnamese Bride and her Groom was from East Timor and before the ceremony began, the family and guests had already celebrated a tea ceremony and a feast fir for a king. And even better……. I got to enjoy the feast as well.

Friday's Wedding full of fun

What’s a good way to finish off the working week? Have a wedding of course!

Garden Weddings

I often have grooms joke while discussing preferences for the ceremony that they would like to have the song “Highway to Hell” played, (and they all think they are original, lol) and today one of my brides decided to go with it! Only the first riff of the song before changing to her real chosen music for the processional, (a much more suitable piece for the Carpenters) but it gave everyone a laugh.

Wednesday Wedding in Cape Woolamai

Wednesday is not your usual wedding day but when you just want to have a small quiet intimate service with just your family and closest friends, in a back yard on Phillip Island, then any day is a good day!

Another Surprise!

Another surprise wedding tonight! They seem to be getting more and more common as couples like to opt for less stress and more fun!

Feels like home

Just got back from a well-earned holiday and it was just straight back into it today with 2 weddings.

Winter Wedding in the Dandenong Mountains

Such a beautiful winter day today at Lyrebird Falls Receptions. It was cold but fresh and just as the happy couple who got married today wanted it.

The Bride took photos at her own wedding

It was a very small and intimate wedding last night at the Frankston Foreshore. It was cold but no sign of bad weather coming as we gathered on the bridge over the creek at sundown.

Inglewood Chapel Wedding

I never realised how many amazing and unique places there were around Melbourne and surrounding areas and today I came across another one.

A Charming Ceremony

It felt like I was in Ned Kelly country today as beards were the main attraction and talking point (before the bride arrived of course).

A late Melbourne Wedding

The ceremony was a little latish in the day today so the light slowly faded away during the vows and ring ceremony.

Small intermit wedding

A really lovely young couple got married today. They were a very unassuming bride and groom who focused more on wanting to be married more than the bells and whistles of a big wedding.

And we’re racing to the aisle

“I have just got to get there and get this done” was the thought going through the nervous brides mind as she and her father walked, no, almost ran down the aisle. And it was almost appropriate with the finish line at the Yarra Valley Race Course right behind us!

Ooh Ah it’s a Wedding!

There were a lot of Ooh ah’s today as people walking through the park near the Hastings Foreshore realized that there was a wedding happening!

My Good Friends Wedding

I almost thought today would never come but it finally arrived, the day I marry two wonderful friends of mine. Of course the weather came into play as everyone kept ducking under the trees to escape but thankfully cleared up for the ceremony.

Phillip Island Wedding

Trenavin Park is one of favourite wending venues. It is a beautiful little chapel on Phillip Island and it really is where the tradition of a chapel meets the tranquillity of the country and the excitement of the beach! It is also the chapel in the picture on my FB page.

Oh those emotions……

We were all looking to the sky with high hopes of a rain free ceremony and thankfully it was. Unfortunately, can’t say the same for the wind, which wasn’t too bad, just enough to keep snuffing out the candles that were supposed to stay lit all through the ceremony…ah well, no biggy!

The wind in my sail...I mean veil!

The wind is usually considered the arch enemy of the wedding ceremony (that and rain) and today was no exception except for one small moment during the ceremony.


“Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen” said I “And welcome to the surprise wedding of ……..” Well well well thought the guests who all thought that they were there for an engagement party. This is the fun part of surprise weddings, seeing the looks on the guests faces when they realise that they have been tricked but in a good way!

A Great Langwarrin Wedding

What can I say about the weather apart from the fact that I take full credit for the beautiful day today…. all week the todays bride has been worried about the heat that we have been having so I assured her that I was having discussions with the Weather Gods and assured her that it will all be good for the day….and it was, so full credit to me…lol.

A Great Langwarrin Wedding

Phew! It seems that us Melbournians are so used to the cooler weather so as soon as a beautiful hot day happens, we really feel it and we certainly felt it today, especially the groom and all of the male guests who were dressed in suits.

A Short No Frills Wedding

Every now and again, I have a very small, no frills wedding. I offer these ceremonies at a reduced fee to couples that are either getting married on the sly and don’t want anybody to know (elopement) or plan on having a big ceremony in another country but want to actually be married in Australia.

Champagne for weddings!

The weather man has been threatening all week cold and rain but the weather gods had the last say and they must have liked yesterdays and todays couples because the sun shone down on all of us yesterday at the Fairfield Amphitheater yesterday and even though it did get a bit chilly today, the rain held off and the clouds made a great backdrop at Pier 10 in Shoreham.

A Mornington Peninsula Wedding

It was a bit dicey at first but the weather turned out to be beautiful for a wedding at the very picturesque Morning Star Estate on the Mornington Peninsula.

A very small wedding

Today’s wedding was so small; I had to provide my husband as one of the witnesses, (all part of the service).

The emotions were high

What do you get when an English Rose marries an Italian/Australian? You get a match made in heaven. Today, at the Mont De Lancey Homestead chapel, a very emotional groom married his beautiful bride with his two young sons by his side.

Three Times The Pleasure

Well it’s been a busy weekend with three weddings.

Oops..... not quite ready yet!

OK, so I was given the thumbs up from the coordinator at the beautiful Dalywaters Rose Garden to say that the bride and her bridesmaids were ready to start walking down the 60 meter aisle to the rose chapel. So I welcome everyone to this special day, please turn your mobile phones off bla bla bla…. Music starts…..first bridesmaids starts walking down….. then second bridesmaid is about to start….. then stops. As I’m standing at my post next to the Groom and his groomsmen, wondering what’s going on, the first bridesmaid starts walking back up the aisle and the coordinator starts waving to me to stop the music.

Weddings in Glasshouses.....

I have had a bride arrive on a horse before and on a horse and cart but never on a horse and cart into a shopping centre…..until today.

Skyhigh Wedding

The Dandenong Ranges in Victoria has many awesome wedding venues, each with their own certain charm but gee, it’s hard to go past the magnificent Skyhigh Mount Dandenong. It hosts a view of the whole of Melbourne creating that wow factor! And when the weather gods don’t favour us with sunny wedding weather, what better than to hold a ceremony in a large glass room warmed by a fireplace creating a heavenly ambience. Graham, the very helpful wedding coordinator of Skyhigh, said he practically has to pinch himself every day to remind himself that he is working there for real.

A beautiful garden wedding

Well it seems that the Sun God one the war of the weather today! All week we have all been watching the weather on the news with dismay but when we all woke up this morning, the sky was blue and it was an absolutely beautiful day.

What’s the deal with grooms??

I would say that when I am contacted by couples for their upcoming weddings, ninety-five percent of the time it is the bride who contacts me. And out of that ninety-five percent, I would say that about fifty percent of the grooms sit there quietly when the couple come to see me, that is, until they succumb to my wonderfully warm personality (cough cough) and realise that I won’t bite them.

A great wedding party!

When you have five bridesmaids, five groomsmen, three page boys and a flower girl, you want to keep a tight rein on everything to make sure that it all runs smoothly. And yes it did…..right down to the kids all behaving beautifully, especially the one who had both the rings.

I just Love the Irony

I think it is just my warped sense of humour but the irony of today’s ceremony rally did amuse me.

A Chapel amongst the greenery

What a beautiful chapel at Tatra Receptions! It is surrounded by lots of ferns, trees and other greenery which can all be seen through the many large windows, giving a very picturesque atmosphere. It also housed a grand piano which was used for the music today adding to the happy moment.

Winter Wedding in Langwarrin

I have had the pleasure of conducting weddings all over Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Sometimes I have traveled for couple of hours to the venue but today was a real treat. The wedding venue was 2 minutes’ walk away from my house!

Warm Winter Wedding

Well, we are coming to a “quiet time” for weddings now although I sometimes wonder why….. Of course the obvious answer is because of the weather. But this makes me ponder even more, if the weather is a factor, then surely we should be thinking about celebrating our weddings in winter. After all, this is Melbourne and the weather gods are constantly messing with our heads so why not hit them back by playing their own game.

A quick change of venue

We were all checking our phones today, watching to see what the rain radar was telling us. Will it or won’t it? Well, it did….but not until after the decision was made that it was not going to rain and we would have the ceremony at the beautiful tea tree garden at the RACV Resort in Cape Schanck

An Autumn wedding

Chateau Yering is a wonderful historic House Hotel in Yarra Glen and at this time of the year with the leaves changing colour, looks absolutely amazing! It set the scene for the wedding today which turned out to be lovely. Even the weather behaved itself….

I’d rather be a Kiwi than an Aussie right now!

I always count my blessing that I am an Aussie; after all it’s the best country in the world. Compared to the rest of the world, our lifestyle is pretty lay-back, we have great beaches, fantastic country regional areas, no wars, and freedom of speech.

A Boat Harbour in Somerville?

Who would’ve thought that there would be a boat harbour in Somerville! I live about 15 minutes away and I always thought Somerville was landlocked, but I was wrong. And today, we held a wedding there.

A Wedding on My Wedding Day!

The coincidences for this wedding struck me immediately when I was contacted by the bride. Firstly, they wanted to marry on April 12th which is my wedding anniversary, then she told me her name, which is the same as my daughters, and then she told me the name of her hubby-to-be which was almost the same as my maiden name!! Well… it seemed to me that I was just meant to do this wedding.

I will never win Marriage Celebrant of the year!

There is a certain website that rewards wedding vendors i.e., Celebrants, Photographers, venues etc by holding awards for the best vendor in their category. They advertise that the nominees and winners on their site and the prize is all in the glory of winning. Contenders can promote themselves as nominees with the hope that this will give an edge over the competition. It all works quite well except for one thing.

A Perfect Wedding

The lovely Ascot House, in Ascot Vale of course set the scene for today’s wedding. On a perfect autumn day, the trees provided a wonderful ambiance and the couple who were married today had the picture-perfect wedding.

A Very Picturesque Wedding

It was such a pleasant wedding today. The weather gods did try to mess with our heads, looking like it was going to rain at times and the wind threatening to blow a gale at other times, but it turned out to be sunny and quite comfortable.

Marriage Celebrants and Rain don't mix!

I know it’s not kosher to complain about the rain after all the heat we have had lately in Melbourne but I’m going to anyway! Seriously, it’s Saturday afternoon on March…… there were hundreds of weddings this afternoon, surely the weather gods know this.

A Hot day but a Great day!

Being hot enough to make my make-up melt on my face before the wedding is not such a good thing for a marriage celebrant. But it was all good in the end, a cloud cover and a nice breeze saved the day, THANK GOD!

Ying and Yang of Weddings

I know that I have mentioned before about being a marriage celebrant allows me to see a lot of different venues, but it also allows me to conduct a lot of different types of ceremonies. And this was very obvious with the 2 weddings I did yesterday and today.

Fire Fire!!

Being a Marriage Celebrant, I get to discover heaps of different locations that I never knew existed. And today’s venue was one of those places.

Wedding & Marriage Celebrant in Langwarrin

Being a Marriage Celebrant in Langwarrin means that I am central to an abundance of popular wedding locations and venues.

The back yard view

WOW! I just don’t know what else to say but WOW!

Wedding on a Cliff Top

Phillip Island seems to be the place to be for weddings lately for me and today I was at the delightful Cliff Top Boutique Accommodation at Smiths Beach. This bed and breakfast is run my mother and daughter, Helen and Rachel and they have only recently acquired this business and are looking to build up the wedding clientele so I believe that they have available dates later this year

Happy Valentine's Day

To all my brides and grooms, present and future, Happy Valentine’s Day

Two Chapels in one day

If you want your wedding to have the traditional feel of a church, the beautiful background of the ocean and the atmosphere of the country, then Trenavin Park Chapel on Phillip Island is for you. Such a beautiful look inside and out and for the perfect photos, the view is to die for!

a nervous nervous groom

A beautiful beautiful bride and a nervous nervous groom……….and a celebrant just a wee bit worried for the groom! But once the ceremony was on the way, then the groom went from nervous to cheeky, much better!

Busy Dad!

Hats off to the father of the bride today! He was very busy today, what with walking his daughter down the aisle, then reading the poem “The Art of Marriage” and then participated in the sand ceremony which was included in the ceremony to unite the two families together.

the great Australian wave

Another hot day today but I when you have a wedding on the beach that’s not such a bad thing! Although the flys were a bit of a challenge….the great Australian wave featured a lot today!

so so very hot

Such a hot hot hot day yesterday for my first wedding of the year! Although Morning Star Estate in Mornington hosts a lovely shaded chapel like area, which helped the guests feel a little more comfortable. And at the other end of the area is a beautiful water wall, almost inviting me to jump in for some relief…… but that would have just ruined the hair!

Another beautiful wedding done and dusted!!

This morning’s wedding was my last for the year and it was small but impressive. There was a small heard of kangaroos hopping by at the amazing Seawinds Park in Arthurs Seat. I say amazing because of the breathtaking view, and the wild life. Although, when walking through the park, you do need to dodge the kangaroo poo!

island of the Long White Cloud

Today’s couple (and most of their guests) were from the island of the Long White Cloud and are now residents of our beautiful city of Mornington. And in keeping with their new found love of their new home, they wanted to have their ceremony in Mornington as well.

Am I getting old??

You know how they say you know you are getting older when the police look young! When I looked at the couple getting married today I thought how much they looked like babies and then realized that they were actually a few years older than I was when I got married. Oh, does that mean I’m getting old!

never work with children or animals

They say never “never work with children or animals”. Well there were no animals in the 3 weddings this weekend (Fly’s are not animals are they?) but there were certainly children in the first two weddings.

The Zoo! YAY!

Anybody who knows me will know that I am a huge animal lover, (I’m actually a crazy giraffe lady) so to do a wedding at the Melbourne Zoo is a big thrill for me! And today, I had that big thrill.

Duneira Estate Mount Macedon

Having never been to Mount Macedon, I was completely unaware of its beauty. As we traveled up the road to the venue for today’s wedding, I was amazed by all of the different colors of green and yellow on each side of the road. And when we made it to the Duneira Estate which hosted the wedding, I was in total awe. Mixed in to the greenery were so many wonderful colors as flowering bushes lived among greenery.

Beautiful Cloudehill Nursery and Gardens

Olinda in the Dandenong’s hosts a lot of beautiful wedding venues and today it hosted a wedding at the beautiful Cloudehill Nursery and Gardens.

Tying the Knot

Sandhurst Golf Club is one of the loveliest golf clubs and it is a little different to other golf courses in the way it hosts ceremonies. Instead of having ceremonies close to the main building or near the greens, they have a special secluded area under a large tree. This area is quite a distance to travel so everyone gets ferried via the golf buggies. Including the Groom, his Groomsmen, Bride, Bridesmaids and one certain Celebrant holding on tightly to her PA and briefcase!

Bali in Traralgon

The venue for today’s wedding was absolutely spectacular! BJ’s on Varney in Traralgon has so much greenery with the palms and ferns and trees everywhere. But the main attraction is the stage that has plenty of room for a wedding party and is shaded by a beautiful Golden Elm tree. The whole area has a look about it very much like Bali.

A Very Late Bride

Well the weather certainly heated up today! While we were all waiting for the bride who was running very late, we were all sweltering in our good wedding wear, watching the swimmers and sunbathers on the beach at Cowes, Phillip Island. And later, they were watching us as we went through the ceremony. Our bride and groom had a bigger audience than anticipated…

Bridesmaides in High Heels

A very precarious walk for the 3 bridesmaids today, one of them heavily pregnant and all of them, not really used to walking in high heels. Bat they made it, over the bridge and on the grass with their stoppers on their heels to stop them from sinking in to the ground.

Transport Woes

The weather kept behaving itself today or at least for the wedding for today’s couple. It was supposed to be a late morning wedding but due to the limousine company letting the bride down it turned out to be an early afternoon ceremony instead. But no matter, it all worked out I the end. The ironic thing is that when this couple went out on their first date, they nearly didn’t make it because they couldn’t find a taxi until a mate drove them and today, again a mate came to the rescue, so I’m sure that it was a good omen!

Beautiful Rippon Lea Estate

The weather gods looked down on us today and decided to give us a nice sunny day, just perfect for an outside wedding. And on behalf of all the couples that got married in Melbourne today, I thank them, especially the couple that I married today at the beautiful Rippon Lea Estate.

Plan B for Two weddings

I had two weddings yesterday, both in the same area and both needing to use plan B due to the weather, luckily plan B happened to be a beautiful chapel in both cases. But with the first wedding being at 10.30am and the second at 3.30pm, there was plenty of time in-between for Russell the Roadie and me to go get a yummy lunch including a Devon-shire tea (the diet will have to start next week)in one of the delightful cafe's that the Dandenong’s host plenty of.

Get That Ring On!

Well it was a wedding to remember today.

Sands on the Bay on Elwood Foreshore

What a fantastic day for a wedding today and it was such a great wedding too! If you’re wanting to have a beach wedding without having to deal with the sand then Sands on the Bay on Elwood Foreshore is the place to do it. A lovely restaurant with a sun room right on the beach, with the sun streaming in and creating a very light atmosphere.

a very small intermit wedding

Well, it seems like it has been a quiet time for me as I have not done a wedding for nearly 2 months but it has actually been quite busy! I have been meeting with lots of happy couples, discussing their upcoming weddings, so I have a very busy year ahead of me.

Wonderful Winter Wedding with a Red Dress

Summerfield’s Country House in Bittern is a beautiful Wedding Reception House that luckily has the facilities to host a wedding ceremony inside and outside. And due to today’s weather, we held the ceremony inside.

Fairhaven or Fair Heaven

Yesterday, an absolutely gorgeous couple got married on the beach of Fairhaven. Not only gorgeous to look at but also inside, their warm, welcoming, friendliness made the freezing conditions of the beach forgivable.

Last Minute Wedding

Well, I thought I was going to have a break, but I was wrong. Turned out that a couple wanted me to do their wedding for today. It’s not a good idea to leave booking your celebrant at the last minute, Ladies and Gentlemen, in fact you will more than likely find the wedding will not happen. It is mandatory to submit your first legal form (Notice of Intention to Marry) with the celebrant who will conduct your wedding at least 1 month before the ceremony.

The lovely Fitzroy Gardens

The lovely Fitzroy Gardens in the city was the venue for the wedding today, right in front of the Dolphin Fountain and next to a great big beautiful Golden Elm tree (my favourite tree). A great place for a wedding, especially when the Weather Gods are kind, like they were this afternoon.

Lots of Tears

Well it ended up being a great wedding today, with beautiful weather, lots of laughs, a great couple with plenty of emotions and good cheer all around. But I was a bit uneasy before the wedding as the groom hadn’t arrived until about 5 minutes before the bride and it was after the ceremony was about to start.

When Queenslanders Come South

There is a saying in Melbourne...If you don’t like the weather, just wait an hour...unfortunately, it also goes the other way, from a beautiful warm day to a cool cloudy late afternoon. Which is not so good, especially if you’re a Queenslander!

Poets Lane on Sherbrooke

What an absolutely glorious day it was today in Melbourne! Perfect for a garden wedding in the tree lined Rotunda of Poets Lane on Sherbrooke.

Good ol' Country and Western

Well it was certainly a unusual wedding ceremony for me today. I have never done a wedding out in the sticks before! The hilly terrain was certainly different to what I’m used to, as it was mainly just clay with very dry grass and lots of cracks and in the cracks were plenty of black crickets. Hmmm....this is all fine so far..... as long as none of these little buggers decide to hitch a ride home with me, then I can deal with it.

Beautiful Stones of Yarra Valley in Coldstream

I’m not sure I can come up with the words that describe the chapel at Stones of Yarra Valley in Coldstream. After the rehearsal on Thursday night, I tried to describe how beautiful it is to my husband but just could not do it justice and he couldn’t understand it until he saw it for himself. Made from sandstone, it has high cathedral ceilings, arched windows and beautifully decorated including a grand piano.

That WOW Factor

If you’re looking for a place to have your wedding with a view that has the WOW factor, then you can’t go past Seawinds at Arthurs Seat. Every guest that turned up for the ceremony would look at the view and just say WOW!

Cape Schanck Lighthouse

Today’s bride has a love for lighthouses and the colour orange so, she decided the best way to share her love for these things was to incorporate them into her wedding. How do you do this? By having your ceremony at the Cape Schanck Lighthouse while wearing a dress with orange trim of course! Not to mention, the bright orange shoes to go with her bridal gown.

Coronet Bay

What a lovely beach at Coronet Bay...lovely and quiet..... lovely and sheltered.... and a lovely place for a wedding....which of course is what happened there today. The weather was lovely, the guests were lovely and the bride was ........gorgeous!

One Hundredth Wedding!

I know that as a marriage celebrant, I am really only one of the cogs in the wheel for the couple on their journey to getting married. Even though I put a lot of work into the wedding ceremony, it’s not about me, it all about the bride and groom. I understand that and accept it happily. But today, I would like to take a small part of the glory as I have reached a milestone. Today I conducted my one hundredth wedding ceremony and I must say, that to do that in only three and a half years is pretty dam good, and I am quite proud of myself!

Olay olay.... it was hot hot hot!

But thankfully the gardens in The Overnewton Castle in Keilor have lots of shade which made today’s wedding more comfortable. A lovely place to hold a ceremony with greenery surrounding us and a lovely old building (the castle) there for the reception.

Wedding at The Patterson River country Club

Oh the weather....ho-hum. But this time we had a plan B that worked beautifully. The Patterson River country Club has a beautiful view from the balcony which also protects from the rain and the wind. We even had a candle lit in honour of the Bride’s Father and the Grooms Pa.

Australia Day Wedding!

Happy Australia Day!

Two Very Different Weddings

I had two weddings today, and they were two very different weddings.

Hot Sand at the Beach

When it comes to being a Celebrant, I am magnificent! (Even if I say so myself). When it comes to being a Celebrant that has to have bare feet on hot sand at a beach wedding, I am a woos! When I was first told that everyone was to have bare feet at this wedding, I found it very appealing, yay, no shoes at a wedding! But the sand was hot hot hot! The day was hot, the sun was hot, I was hot and everything was hot!

Back Yard Wedding

It was such a lovely day today for a wedding. And to have one in such a lovely back yard under a couple of white umbrella’s with the breeze flowing and the guests all dressed up and happy made it perfect.

Christmas Day Wedding!

Well it was a wedding with a bit of a difference yesterday! Yes, I said yesterday.....which was Christmas Day. But it was all good, having a wedding on Christmas Day meant that my husband had to cook the Chrissie Dinner, a win win for me!

Two weddings on Phillip Island

Phillip Island is an ideal place for weddings. There are many places with great views such as the two venues that I was at today.

Rhyll Beach on Phillip Island

Rain rain go away, come back when it’s not a wedding day! It was supposed to be a beach wedding today, at the Rhyll Beach on Phillip Island with a backdrop of all different boats bobbing up and down to make wonderful photos.

Bluestone Lane Winery

Thankfully the weather was much better today than it was yesterday, even though it was quite windy. It would have been a shame to have to bring this wedding indoors as the ceremony was in a rotunda in the middle of a spectacular garden in Balnarring. The Veraison Restaurant is located at the Bluestone Lane Winery and from what I have been told, is quite reasonably priced.

Wedding at Kilmany Park Bed and Breakfast

Having a headache, sore throat and annoying cough is never good at any time but couple that with travelling two and a half hours for a wedding, it’s dreadful. But, thanks to my new best friend, the chemist, I managed to conduct today’s ceremony with my typical professionalism and pleasure.

wedding 11/11/11

Well there were heaps of weddings today being 11/11/11 and I had fantastic wedding on a beach at Phillip Island.

Forest Edge at Swallowfields Vineyards in Gembrook

Well it turned out to be a beautiful day for a wedding this afternoon! The couple that got married today must be blessed because the heavens were really opened up last night and this morning. But when it came time for the wedding, the sun was shining behind a few clouds which works really well for photos.

Wedding at The Briars

The Briars is a magnificent place to hold a wedding ceremony with its beautiful gardens and old buildings. This is where the wedding was held today, and it was a really wonderful one at that!

Wedding at Old Gippstown

Old Gippstown was the venue for yesterdays wedding. Set up as a heritage park, it hosts a water wheel that was turning during the ceremony helping to create the ambiance for this ceremony.

The Wild Cattle Creek Winery in Wandin

What a day for a wedding! The Weather Gods decided to play havoc (as they do) and it’s Grand Final Day. But it’s all good! The wedding was held early in the day and at a perfect place when considering our Melbourne climate.

Dame Elizabeth Murdoch Arboretum in Langwarrin

After last year’s season, the weather gods owe us big time! But it seems that they are not willing to pay up just yet. And as a result of this, yesterdays wedding had to be moved to “under cover”.

Winter Wedding

Well it’s the middle of winter and today the weather was grand! Which was a good thing because I had a wedding today at the Healesville Sanctuary. Such a lovely spot to have a wedding, amongst the kangaroos, emus and kookaburras. We had the ceremony in a rotunda with a wood fire going which created a fantastic ambiance.

Wedding at White Chapel

Today’s wedding was held in a wonderful chapel at the Whitechapel Receptions which lucky for me, is also close to home! So a wonderful wedding at a wonderful venue in a wonderful area! And it certainly is a wonderful venue, the chapel was roomy, yet cosy and it also had the facilities for the reception, so I would highly recommend it.

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful

What a wonderful day today! Wonderful weather, wonderful venue and a wonderful couple.

Wet Beach Wedding

Oh the weather Gods were not nice today. The decision needed to be made on whether to hold the wedding at the beach like originally planned or change the venue to plan B, a hall down the road. There were a few of us standing in the sand, looking at the dark clouds looming, scratching our head, what to do, what to do. We finally made the decision to stay at the beach. We made the wrong decision.

Two weddings today and they were two very different weddings!

Two weddings today and they were two very different weddings!

wedding Mornington Golf Club

Phew! It was hot out there today, not a good look to have the makeup running down your face, lol.

Such an Elaborate Wedding!

OMG! I don’t even know where to begin about today’s wedding! In a nutshell, it was the most elaborate wedding, from start to finish, and it was also arranged in the shortest time ever! I am still gobsmacked.

Sherwood Receptions in Greenvale

An absolutely gorgeous day today in Melbourne. Couples getting married today with outside ceremonies were blessed as were my couple that I married today.

Short and Sweet Wedding

Yesterdays wedding was probably one of my longest ceremonies and today’s would be close to one of the shortest. The couple that got married today wanted a short sweet ceremony, and that is exactly what they got.

Again the weather came into play today!

But, the lovely Silverwater Resort in San Remo combats the weather Gods by providing a large Marquee, which is very handy on a rainy day like today.

Lucky Rainy Wedding Day

They say that it is good luck to rain on your wedding day. If this is true then today’s brides and grooms will have enough luck to last them the rest of their lives!!

The Riva at Sk Kilda

Today’s wedding was almost like reaching a milestone because I met this couple over 2 years ago when they planned on getting married just a few months later but due to unfortunate circumstances had to postpone the wedding a couple of times.

Wedding at Elizabeth Murdoch Arboretum

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the grass was green and everyone was hiding in the shade today!

Wedding Weather Issues

The Melbourne Weather Gods were at it again today, and they decided to bless today’s Bride and Groom!

Very Emotional Wedding

I’ve had grooms cry while the bride walked down the aisle and I’ve had brides cry as they walked down the aisle but I have never had a whole family of the bride cry while walking down the aisle........until today.

New Years Day Wedding

Happy New Year everyone! And today was a very happy beginning to the New Year for the couple I married today!

Christmas Day Wedding!

What a day! The couple who got married today did not tell anyone about their impending marriage until about 15 minutes before I arrived. It was a surprise wedding and what a surprise it was for them.

wedding 24/12/10

I married a Samoan couple today and discovered not only the different traditions but saw how entertaining they are!

Tempramental weather

The weather gods were messing with our heads today.

A small Asian wedding

One of the perks of being a Marriage Celebrant is that you get to meet all sorts of people with all sorts of stories.

Everything was perfect

Oh what a glorious day it was today!

My best friends sons wedding

Today, I married my best friend’s son and his childhood sweetheart.

Wet wedding at Silverwater

Thank God for Marquees!

The introduction

To start of my blog...