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Again the weather came into play today!

And what a lovely couple they were today, (mind you, all of my couples are lovely), but today’s couple were very gentle and loving people. The thing that attracted them to each other at first was their love for dogs, (isn’t there a movie about that??) They were also very family orientated, so much so that all 4 parents were involved in the processional and greeting of the bride and had the bride’s grandfather and the groom’s grandmother as witnesses. But best part  was when all the young kids ranging from about 18 months to 12 or 13 years old came up to collect a bell each so they could tinkle them when I pronounced that they were husband and wife. It was really nice, all the kids joined in and there were no tears........except from the groom. Any wonder why I love this job, it’s the only time a grown man can tear up in public and not get ridiculed!

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