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Another beautiful wedding done and dusted!!

This morning's wedding was my last for the year and it was small but impressive. There was a small heard of kangaroos hopping by at the amazing Seawinds Park in Arthurs Seat. I say amazing because of the breathtaking view, and the wild life. Although, when walking through the park, you do need to dodge the kangaroo poo!

As the bride arrived, she realised that she had forgotten her flowers. Oh no! What to do, what to do! As she lived 25 minutes away, it was not really an option to go home and get them but then her driver came to the rescue with a small bouquet of flowers he had in his car.....perfect!

The weather was ominous, and as she was walking down the aisle with her elderly Italian father, there were a few small drops of rain, oh no, umbrellas up, but we needn't have bothered, it amounted to nothing, the clouds moved on and so did we!

Another beautiful wedding done and dusted!!

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