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The back yard view

WOW! I just don't know what else to say but WOW!

Today's wedding was held in Inverloch in a back yard of an elderly couple who very kindly agreed to allow the couple have their wedding there. But there was a hidden agenda for this couple to share their backyard....... They wanted to show off the view that they have from their back door! And this is where the WOW comes in, they have the most amazing panoramic view of the beach in Inverloch even though the tide was out which did spoil it ever so slightly.

The ceremony was very nice although the wind was maddening. It tends to make it difficult to set up worrying that everything is going to be blown away! But we got through it of course and at least it didn't rain or radiate extreme heat.  The couple were actually from Western Australia but came to Vic to get married as this is where the bride originated from and her family are here.  So it was lovely for her mother and sister to see her get married.

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