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Bali in Traralgon

The venue for today's wedding was absolutely spectacular! BJ's on Varney in Traralgon has so much greenery with the palms and ferns and trees everywhere. But the main attraction is the stage that has plenty of room for a wedding party and is shaded by a beautiful Golden Elm tree. The whole area has a look about it very much like Bali.

And the wedding itself was also splendid! With the toddler daughter walking down the aisle then climbing on to the stage, creating a few laughs in the crowd, before she fell and hurt herself, oh dear, poor thing! But she was fine, just like most 2 year olds are after a little trip.

Other than that, the wedding ran very smoothly, with the bridesmaids looking gorgeous in their black dresses and the groomsmen all looking very dapper. But you just can't go past a beautiful bride! Looking absolutely stunning in her fitted dress and beautiful......

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