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Ballam Park Wedding

What a lovely place the Ballam Park Homestead is! I live just up the road and never even knew it existed until I was approached by todays couple to conduct their wedding there. Many flowers around with green grass dotted by some kind of small pink flower….very nice!

And today’s couple were very nice too! They first met as young teenagers when they were “going together” but as often happens, they grew into different relationships until later on in life, when they found each other again. They love spending their time going for rides on his motor bike with their matching helmets, just like they did when they were kids. But they weren’t just marrying each other; they really seem to be marrying into each other’s families as well. Both had adult children who are very happy for the bride and groom for today and after the wedding, when everyone was coming up to them for congratulations, I kept hearing comments about how she is now their step mum and step-nanna and how they are all related now and so on…all very jovial.Ballam_Park_Homestead_small.jpg

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