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A beautiful garden wedding

Well it seems that the Sun God one the war of the weather today! All week we have all been watching the weather on the news with dismay but when we all woke up this morning, the sky was blue and it was an absolutely beautiful day.

And it’s hard to go past the colourful garden at Mornington Golf Club. It has bushy plants circling around, forming a natural gathering area for guests and allowing the bridal party to be up on a slight hill so everyone can see what’s happening. Probably one small point though, it was not easy for the bridesmaids to walk through and stand on with their high heels, it certainly created a few nervous giggles from the girls as they sunk into the ground.

The bride was quite emotional, needing tissues at one time then having a giggle the next. But the highlight of today’s ceremony was the two very gorgeous and very well behaved page boy and flower girl!

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