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Beautiful Stones of Yarra Valley in Coldstream

I’m not sure I can come up with the words that describe the chapel at Stones of Yarra Valley in Coldstream. After the rehearsal on Thursday night, I tried to describe how beautiful it is to my husband but just could not do it justice and he couldn’t understand it until he saw it for himself. Made from sandstone, it has high cathedral ceilings, arched windows and beautifully decorated including a grand piano.

 It was a very joyful ceremony today and the laughter started immediately when I welcomed everyone to the wedding and asked them to turn their phones off or on silent. The music started straight after that and the first note of the music, (Ce Matin La by Air) has a type of ring to it, everybody burst into laughter when they thought it was a phone ringing and this set the pace from then on.

 They were another gorgeous couple today with emotional parents and very many friends including another couple that I married about a year ago, (which is why I got this wedding). They have since had a baby girl who won many hearts today at the wedding and it was so exciting seeing them again!

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