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Bluestone Lane Winery

Thankfully the weather was much better today than it was yesterday, even though it was quite windy. It would have been a shame to have to bring this wedding indoors as the ceremony was in a rotunda in the middle of a spectacular garden in Balnarring. The Veraison Restaurant is located at the Bluestone Lane Winery and from what I have been told, is quite reasonably priced.

 The groom today was a real character, a lovable larrikin, who was basking in the glory of all the attention until his gorgeous bride arrived. When he saw his bride walking up the aisle, he just stood there in awe; it was obvious how much in love he is.

 The bride was one of the most calm brides I have ever had the pleasure of meeting which added to her beauty and coupled with her high-spirited groom,  helped the ceremony flow with lots of fun and laughter.

 My throat behaved itself, so no coughing, thank God! And all in all it was a very good wedding.

 Oh, and the grooms mother whose name is Robyn (must be a wonderful woman) was also a lovable character! I see where he gets it from....

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