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Brides and Grooms everywhere!

There were three Bride and Grooms and two weddings today…. Well not really, there was really two brides and two grooms but the first couple decided to included their beloved fur babies in their wedding by dressing them up in a tux and a white dress. And why not, after all, these two furry best friends played a big part in the introduction of the bride and groom! And so, they had their wedding ceremony in their yard in Wattle Bank, amongst the dogs, the cats, the horses, their family and friends. Now that is my kind of wedding!! Except for the weather playing havoc with us, it turned out just as beautiful as the bride and her handsome groom.

The second wedding was just as beautiful as the first but completely different… This one was in a chapel so we all managed to stay dry! There were no animals involved with this wedding but we did have a grooms-woman as well as the usual groomsmen and bridesmaids. And of course the bride and groom were just as grand!Doggy_B_and_G.jpg

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