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Bridesmaides in High Heels

A very precarious walk for the 3 bridesmaids today, one of them heavily pregnant and all of them, not really used to walking in high heels. Bat they made it, over the bridge and on the grass with their stoppers on their heels to stop them from sinking in to the ground.

And what a fantastic day it was for a wedding, the weather was perfect (hooray!) as we celebrated the marriage of these two lovely people. The brides dress was a little unusual with red trim to match the bridesmaids dresses (and high heeled shoes) and the groomsmen's ties.

Poor groom was so nervous, but he got through his vows beautifully as did the bride and after the ceremony, I saw three very relieved bridesmaids with each of them holding a pair of high heeled red shoes in their hands....Lol

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