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Cape Schanck Lighthouse

Today’s bride has a love for lighthouses and the colour orange so, she decided the best way to share her love for these things was to incorporate them into her wedding. How do you do this? By having your ceremony at the Cape Schanck Lighthouse while wearing a dress with orange trim of course! Not to mention, the bright orange shoes to go with her bridal gown.

 And it all went of very well today although the weather gods were not as kind to us today as they were on Friday when we had the rehearsal. That day was so nice that I decided to go for a long walk after the rehearsal along the board walk with many many steps, up and down and up and down. It was a great idea at the time but today, I conducted this ceremony with very sore calves....ouch! Not to worry, it was worth it!

 And it was quite an amusing story the couple had in their ceremony today. I wrote it in two parts, firstly, the bride’s version which was how they met, got to know each other and fell in love. Then there was the groom’s version of how he hit her over the head with his club and dragged her back to his cave to make her his woman. Yes, a bit unsophisticated but it was quite entertaining

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