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Champagne for weddings!

The weather man has been threatening all week cold and rain but the weather gods had the last say and they must have liked yesterdays and todays couples because the sun shone down on all of us yesterday at the Fairfield Amphitheatre yesterday and even though it did get a bit chilly today, the rain held off and the clouds made a great backdrop at Pier 10 in Shoreham.

At the Amphitheatre, the bride and her bridesmaids walked down oodles of stairs to the ceremony, and they managed it beautifully especially the bride was very confident walking down in her pink high heels and sporting a huge smile.

They also incorporated a ring warming ceremony which always freaks me out a little.....please don't lose the rings please don't lose the rings......the rings came back and in time for the bride and groom to present them to each other....PHEW!

And today was a multicultural ceremony with the bride being an Aussie and the groom being Japanese. The winery boasts a beautiful view and today was no exception. With a friend to sing during the processional and the signing of the registry, it had a very personal and joyful ambiance.

It turns out that both of these weddings had something in common apart from being on the same weekend and that is that the champagne flowed at the end of both ceremonies!

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