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A Chapel amongst the greenery

What a beautiful chapel at Tatra Receptions! It is surrounded by lots of ferns, trees and other greenery which can all be seen through the many large windows, giving a very picturesque atmosphere. It also housed a grand piano which was used for the music today adding to the happy moment.

The beauty of the chapel was only matched by the stunning bride who was also quite relaxed as was her groom and it was very cute watching the grooms two oldest children aged 8 and 10 walking down the aisle arm in arm.

The weather was looking very ominous but held off before the ceremony so the bride and her bridesmaids were able to travel from the car to the chapel with no problems but after the ceremony, it was a completely different story. While we were enjoying the warmth of inside, the drops started and got heavier with every minute, making it a bit difficult for the guests to make it to the receptions but also added a bit more amusement!tatra_2.jpg

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