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Chapel of Love

Not only is the chapel at Vue on Halcyon very beautiful with its long windows looking out to the vast views of the hills around the vineyards in Chirnside Park but it has a wonderful ambience as well. Which suited the gorgeous couple that were married there today.

The ceremony included the giving of a rose to both the mothers of the bride and groom, which was quite emotional and a little awkward for one of them as she was on crutches due to a broken foot, but I think the receiving of the rose from her beautiful daughter on this big day for them all, made her forget about any pain she may have been feeling.

The bride looked stunning as she walked up the aisle with her arm looped into her very proud fathers arm, and so he should be proud….he and his wife managed to bring a beautiful woman, (on the inside and out) into this world and just when they thought she was at her finest, she became even better when she met and married the man she loves.Vue_on_Halcyon_small.jpg

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