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Christmas Day Wedding!

Well it was a wedding with a bit of a difference yesterday! Yes, I said yesterday.....which was Christmas Day. But it was all good, having a wedding on Christmas Day meant that my husband had to cook the Chrissie Dinner, a win win for me!

 It was a small wedding with just family members from both the bride and groom who had no idea that they were getting married until they turned up to spend the festive day with their loved ones. And then there was excitement in the air as well as a few stunned relatives.

 But it started off as a comedy of errors. I didn’t have my PA with me so we nominated a music person to play the song while the bride walked down the aisle.....except the music wouldn’t play, music man fiddled with the portable player with no success, then bride’s mother joined in to try and get it going, then the groom got in on the action, then finally it started to play.....for about 5 seconds....then stopped again........then got it started again and finally, the bride was able to walk down the aisle with her proud father and step daughter throwing rose petals.

 It was quite an informal affair as we were going through the ceremony amongst the lovely garden in the front yard of the couple but then the rain came so it was gather everybody and everything and run for cover under the veranda. Five minutes later, it stopped so were able to go back out and resume the ceremony. We actually got through the rest of it with the whole family joining in, the bride’s father anticipating what I was about to say, the groom’s son giving the couple their rings and the bride’s mother, who was a real character, adding to the laughter with the reading that she did. We also had the groom sister read a poem for us and after the ceremony; I changed hats to become a photographer.


It was a great wedding, lots of laughter, lots of good will and then I went home to enjoy my Christmas Dinner with my family that I didn’t have to cook!

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