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Dame Elizabeth Murdoch Arboretum in Langwarrin

After last year’s season, the weather gods owe us big time! But it seems that they are not willing to pay up just yet. And as a result of this, yesterdays wedding had to be moved to “under cover”.

 Luckily, the Dame Elizabeth Murdoch Arboretum in Langwarrin, which hosts the most beautiful garden and two magnificent pine trees (see pic 1) also, has a charming wooden structure (see pic 2). So, we made the very clever decision to hold the ceremony under cover.

 Thankfully though, the sun did come out at times which allowed some great photos for them and it was a terrific ceremony with lots of laughs and lots of wonderful moments! The bride and her two daughters who were her bridesmaids looked absolutely gorgeous and her groom with his two groomsmen looked just as wonderful. It was a real family affair with the bride’s son being the photographer as well and even though the rain made its appearance at times, the sun also shone at times and the day turned out to be pretty damn good

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