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Don't Blow the Arbour Down

What do you do to stop your arbour from being blown over by the wind during a wedding? You employ the services of two of the kids at the wedding to stand on either side of it and hold it…. That worked a treat! Yes it was windy and cold today but it didn’t rain so we were grateful for that! And one other thing we can be grateful for from all this rain we have had lately, everything is so green, and this was certainly so at the George Pentland Botanic Gardens today.

Today’s  bride and groom had known each other since they were kids at school and had crossed paths occasionally as they both entered into adulthood, and finally met up again a few years ago. They have been together ever since and today, they made their relationship official. Both were a little nervous, but they got through their vows beautifully and now they get to live happily ever after!arbour_hold_up_blur.jpg

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