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Double Valentines Weddings

Hot and steamy after the great rains was the order for the day. But it worked well for both Valentines weddings with the first being at the delightful Morningstar Estate in Mount Eliza. It was a very English Country Garden wedding as the groom is from England and his family and his four groomsmen all travelled to our country to be a part of this couples special day. I knew it was going to be a fun wedding when I met the four cheeky groomsmen at the rehearsal and they started to ask me questions such as “what’s a good line to chat up an Aussie girl?” and so forth…

The guests were eagerly awaiting the beautiful bride while enjoying the music of the Four String Trio and when she arrived, the ceremony proceeded with lots of laughs and joy.

The second ceremony was at Seawinds Park in Arthurs seat with the most spectacular view. There was a little hiccup at first with the bride’s father not turning up on time, making the ceremony a lot later that it was supposed to be but that’s alright, when you dealing with a bride and groom who are really lovely, then these hiccups are just that……hiccups, nothing to worry about.

The bride looked beautiful and glowing as she stood with her groom in front of the view of the Peninsular which was only matched by the beauty of the sand ceremony they did which included both their mothers.

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