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Duneira Estate Mount Macedon

Having never been to Mount Macedon, I was completely unaware of its beauty. As we traveled up the road to the venue for today's wedding, I was amazed by all of the different colors of green and yellow on each side of the road. And when we made it to the Duneira Estate which hosted the wedding, I was in total awe. Mixed in to the greenery were so many wonderful colors as flowering bushes lived among greenery.

And as I was thinking that there could be nothing to match this beauty, the bride turned up and proved me wrong. She looked stunning as she turned up with her mother, father, fine-looking bridesmaids, and her two gorgeous little blond ringlet hair daughters. Any wonder why her groom was smitten with her!

And one of the highlights of the wedding today was the sand ceremony. Each member of the family is represented by different color sand, and as each is poured into the container, the individual portions of sand will no longer exist on their own, but will instead be joined together as one. Just as every individual grain of sand has its own unique beauty, strength and character...when blended together, they form an entirely new and extraordinary more intricate whole. So marriage also respects the individuality of each person but unites them as one in its loving embrace. So today, the groom chose blue, the bride chose white and they chose green for their children and now, they will have a reminder of their ceremony for the rest of their lives!

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