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Fairhaven or Fair Heaven

Yesterday, an absolutely gorgeous couple got married on the beach of Fairhaven. Not only gorgeous to look at but also inside, their warm, welcoming, friendliness made the freezing conditions of the beach forgivable.

It was a very small intermit ceremony with only their four very best friends which also made it quite a multicultural wedding as well. The Bride and Groom are American and in Australia for a couple of years and decided to get married while in Aus as it felt more special to them than to go home to U.S. and have the big bells and whistles which would be expected of them from their families. The four special friends consisted of a Scottish couple and an Indian couple. And it was obvious to me that the friendship shown from all six of these people was exceptional.

It was absolutely freezing while on the beach, usually I feel for the groomsmen as they are normally quite hot in their suits but I really envied them this time even though, I had tried to rug up as much as possible while still trying to look beachy! But the poor bride and her girlfriends were in their Summery dresses, so I thought if they can just suck it up, so can I! But that didn't stop all of us girls to don our coats as soon as the ceremony was

Also, I learned a handy little tip for future weddings that are outdoors. Listen up everybody....apparently it is an Indian belief that if you fill a pot with water and put it outside the night before your wedding, it won't rain during your wedding ceremony. Now, all I can say is that it seemed to have worked yesterday. It was supposed to be a rainy day but even though the clouds looked threatening, there was not a drop of rain to be seen!

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