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Family business

Well today’s wedding was a very special one. Not just because it was the last one for the year but because today I got to introduce another Mrs Rodda to the world. Yep, nepotism is ripe in the Rodda family!

 My husband’s nephew and his gorgeous bride got married today and it was a pleasure to perform a wedding in front of my husband’s family in lovely Mount Eliza on a beautiful sunny day. But I didn’t do it alone, I had help from the grooms’ young son who (going against normal tradition) gave his father away to be married and later on read out a great poem for the two of them.

 Rodda.jpgBut that’s not all, at the end of the ceremony, grooms’ young son had the pleasure to announce they were husband and bride, this gave him, his father and new step-mother and the rest of the guests a real buzz!

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