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Feels like home

Just got back from a well-earned holiday and it was just straight back into it today with 2 weddings.

The first one was a very small and intimate ceremony as the bride is about to be mum to two bubbies and finding it pretty tiring these days. So just a simple moment of time shared with their immediate family who, to my surprise consisted of another one of my bride and grooms. No one realised this until I was just about to turn up and the bride's mother saw my photo and realised I was the celebrant for the bride's sister, who is also about to be a mum! And on top of this, the groom's sister-in-law is a wedding associate of mine so it felt like old home week....

And to continue on with the old home week, the second wedding was for a friend. This was a surprise wedding so their guests thought they were turning up to a 40th birthday party for the bride. During the speeches, the groom got down on one knee and proposed to his lovely woman and when she said yes, they both said "let's do it now!" then told all their guests to give them half an hour to organise it then well well well, in comes the Celebrant to marry them! This was all a ruse of course, (sorry to spoil it), but you do need to give the celebrant at least one months' notice, not half an hour but it was a fun thing to do.

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