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Fire Fire!!

Being a Marriage Celebrant, I get to discover heaps of different locations that I never knew existed. And today's venue was one of those places. The Wild Dog Winery at Warragul has a beautiful modern restaurant with a great outside decked area but then it also has a wonderful rustic shaded area in amongst the olive groves and on a hot day like today, it was a perfect place for a wedding.

Today's couple are members of the CFA so we were honoured to have a fire truck there although it did have to quickly take off about half an hour before the wedding for some kind of emergency but it did make it back just in time for the ceremony to start, I had visions of these 3 firemen hosing of someone's house yelling out "this fire has to go out quickly, we have a wedding to get to!" just like in some Australian T.V. drama....

They were a beautiful couple, the bride was stunning and the groom was cheeky and they had two gorgeous sons who gave the rings to their mum and dad and one of the sons was able to read a short poem during the ceremony.

All in all, another great ceremony.... I love being a Marriage Celebrant!

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